Kullu Yawmin Ashura, Wa Kulla Ardhin Karbala. Every Day is Ashura and Every Land is Karbala. What does this mean in practice? It tells us we need to share Hussain's (a.s.) message at all times and everywhere.
The one way that we can truly share Hussain (a.s.) with the world is to give - in Hussain's (a.s.) name - one thing that is greatly in demand and that is possible for nearly every person. Blood.
This Muharrum, give blood in Hussain's (a.s.) name to save lives.

Why should we give blood?

We are always saying in the Zyarat-e Waritha that “Would that we were with you, so that we could also share the accomplishment with you. ...”

But even if we were not in Karbala, today in our century we can still help our Imam (as) by donating blood. If Imam Hussain (as) gives his blood to save Islam, why cannot we give our blood to save other people's lives in the name of Hussain.

3 Lives

One pint of blood can save up to three lives.

2 Seconds

Someone needs blood every two seconds.

1 Hour

1h is all it takes to give blood, including recovery time

“...and whoever saves one life, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind…” (Quran 5:32)

Who can give Blood?

Whilst most people are able to give blood, there are a few obligations and exemptions. You must be:

a) Be healthy and fit

b) Aged between 17 and 66

c) Weight over 50 Kg (7st 12 lb)


Most travellers can donate blood as usual but in some cases, donors may have to delay doing so. For example, if you have visited countries where Chikungunya, Malaria and West Nile Virus can be found, you may have to wait a set period of time. A blood test can define whether you can donate your blood or not.

Health Conditions


You are unable to donate if:
- You need regular insulin treatment
- You have needed treatment with insulin within the last 4 weeks

Hypertension: (High Blood Pressure)

You may donate as long as:
- You are not under investigations
- You have not suffered from heart failure
- You have not had amputation or blood vessel surgery

Hypotension: (Low Blood Pressure)

You are unable to donate if:
- You have any problems with fainting or feeling dizzy


You are unable to donate if:
- You are under investigation or on treatment for Anaemia

How can I help?

Give Blood! Every pint you donate can save up to 3 lives so please sign up to donate blood wherever you can. Then share your story on social media using #HussainSavesLives. We hope to inspire a global movement of blood donation in the name of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and by sharing your donation perhaps you can inspire others to do the same.
Spread the word in your local community, with family and friends and encourage everyone to donate blood in the name of Hussain (a.s.) and save lives and spread the message of Karbala at the same time.

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